Bringing new life to an icon.

Qualitative Research | Brand Strategy | Ad Campaign


The Problem

Jansport is possibly the most well known and instantly recognizable book-bag in the world -  but they are irrelevant. 

How can we use traditional advertising to make Jansport relevant in the eyes of high school and college students?

What I Did

- Dove into the minds, motivations and mysteries of college freshmen

- Became an expert on the history of backpacks

- Uncovered the cultural impact of the suede-bottomed backpack

What We Discovered

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 9.18.38 AM.png
Jansport is:

An example of a Jansport being a cross-generational icon.


It never goes out of style.


brand Insight

Jansport is a Cultural ICON

It is not a backpack, it is THE backpack. 

Jansport saw the opportunity to create backpacks used specifically for books, and they took it. They turned a trend on one campus into a world-wide practice.

Just like Ray-Ban, Fender, Levi and Converse, Jansport is a

category creator, influencing all who follow in their footsteps.

levis cutout.png
jansport cutout.png
fender cutout.png

The Strategy

Jansport: Backing Up students since 1967

The Creative

Carry the Legacy


Brand Extension

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The Team

Brittany Reid | Art Direction

Nikki Powell | Copywriting

Hunter Mott | Strategy