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When life gives you hops,

make a beer.

Brand Strategy | Experience Design | Service Design

The Project

In April of 2020, how could a business adapt to not only survive but thrive? COVID-19 is brand new to the world and many businesses are struggling to keep up. Our job is to take Triple Crossing Beer from a status quo brewery to a category leader in a city filled to the brim with breweries. 

What I did

- Deep dive on laws surrounding alcohol sales


- Gained an understanding of current brewery processes, revenues and pain points


- Got to know beer drinkers


- Mapped out the beer drinking landscape of Richmond

- Drank some beer (for research)

The Situation

COVID-19 had only been around for a month and half and businesses are able to operate, but only through curbside pickup or delivery. 


Most restaurants can rely on services like UberEats, Grubhub and Doordash to handle the complex delivery process.


Breweries have bartenders and their Toyotas. 



What we know



of sales from taprooms & bars

“I enjoy the variety and vibrancy local breweries bring the community.”

The explosive growth of local breweries over the past few years have come because of the experience, not just the beer. Brewery consumers want to drink good beer AND engage in their community with their friends.

“For me, beer is only about 25% of a brewery. The environment, the feeling and the company are what really make it complete.”

A glimmer of hope

Triple Crossing has found a way to crack into delivery with an inefficient but passable model. Also, curbside pick-up has proved that consumers still want craft beer.


People are still ordering their beer through curbside and sketchy delivery - but breweries have lost what makes them unique.

Beer delivery is fine

But it could be special

How do we make it special?


Take inspiration from the original food delivery system that brought us together better than anything.

The Ice Cream Truck

Reshape the ice cream truck model to work with modern technology and beer. 

Setting a schedule based on the neighborhoods of Richmond, allowing the orders to be shaped by the trucks daily route. 

Unlocking the potential of beer delivery by bringing the spirit of taprooms to streets of Richmond. 

The Solution

The Triple Truck

A new service model for local craft breweries that establishes set routes for beer delivery.


"It's basically an adult

ice-cream truck and I love it"

Every ice cream truck needs catchy music


It's really simple. 

1. Check the truck's route

2. Select your neighborhood

3. Place your order 

4. Get notified when the truck is there

5. Pick up your beer 

6. Enjoy & Repeat

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phone 2.png
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The Team

Joe Mrava | Experience Designer 

Curtis Winiesdorffer | Experience Designer

Dani Loleng | Experience Designer

Hunter Mott | Strategist